About Us

Families with ASD is a grassroots, non-profit public charity founded in 2005 by a Cincinnati Couple who wanted to help their son with autism.  Over the past 11years, Families with ASD has grown to be one of the largest grassroots volunteer organization in the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area. Families with ASD has NO paid staff, and completely relies on fundraisers and donations to help offer support to families.


Our mission is simple:

To provide a safe, welcoming environment where individuals with autism & their families can participate in social and life skills programs designed to promote autism awareness, personal well-being, educational opportunities, and encourage independence.  


Raise awareness and promote understanding

  • Organize & hand out information at the Annual Families with ASD Autism & ALL Expo
  • Promote public awareness by handing out autism & special needs information to the general public
  • Hold events out in our community for  families touched by autism to help spread awareness and understanding
  • Form the Parents of Adults with Autism Task Force and spread Adult Autism & Special Needs Awareness.

Organize and share resources

  • Host the Annual Families with ASD Autism & ALL Special Needs  Expo
  • Create a library of books, tapes, videos, etc. via the Luke Gregory Autism Center
  • Create and distribute the Families with ASD Autism & ALL Yellow Pages ©        
  • Create and maintain the Web-site, and on-line support group
  • Calendar of Events: On-line Calendar with our upcoming FREE Events.


Help families touched by ASD & Special Needs

  • Host and organize Autism Family-friendly support group meetings, group outings "Out & About with Autism" , & "Autism, Get Social"  parties for individuals with autism & special needs and their families.
  • Arrange for guest speakers to present information to families
  • Help families connect and network with service providers that can advocate for their family
  • Raise Funds & Open the Luke Gregory Center for Autism to help meet the needs of our teen & adult with autism & special needs population. 


Facilitate change and continuous improvement in our schools

  • Connect families with Educational advocates for IEP meetings
  • Educate parents on Federal/State laws


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